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Image Consultant Training Online South Africa
Image Consultant Training Online South Africa
Image Consultant Training Online South Africa


Image Consultant Training Online South Africa
Image Consultant Training Online South Africa
Image Consultant Training Online South Africa


I just wanted to thank you both for an amazing 2 weeks of learning, growing and sharing. I am especially grateful for the way in which you both went out of your way to accommodate my particular learning style. This really was above and beyond and something I so appreciate and admire.

~ Sandra Adams

One of the best courses I have ever completed. Everything taught was a powerful and insightful guide into what it takes to become a successful image consultant and is backed up by a depth of knowledge. The material was easy to understand, giving us the competitive edge in the industry. The numerous tools gave me a real sense of confidence.

Ben Angel

Just wanted to say thank you. The course was amazing, I came along not knowing very much at all, and thinking what am “I” doing here. Within the first morning, you made me feel at ease, and the information was absolutely fantastic, after the course I have come away thinking I can do this.

~ Virginia Ling

I love the fact that when you have finished the course, you have all the resources and knowledge at your fingertips to go out and start your business. You are not left alone to stumble in the dark – they always answer their calls and emails!

I love too that they are always improving and keeping ahead with technology to better serve us as consultants. All of the people I met in the training were also very happy that they had chosen to train with Image Innovators.

~ Tina Chin

The Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy trainers and content were valuable and relevant. This enabled our group to fully comprehend and relate to the ‘real world’ of Image & Style Consulting as a business.

I now look forward to building my own business as a Style & Image Consultant with their ongoing support and guidance, whilst having access to great quality tools to assist and promote a high standard of professionalism.

~ Bronwyn Fraser

The two of you have touched my heart in a special way and I will forever be in your debt. You have given me so much more than just a learning experience and tools/tuition to start a business. You have given me courage and encouragement and made me feel like I can ‘GO’ and conquer my fears and whatever else life throws at me. Knowing that you are both within reach and ‘on-call’ for all your girls is also an extra bonus that I will treasure.

~ Sandra Adams

What holds this course apart from the many other courses that I have attended is the ease and intimacy of presentation, the comprehensive supportive documentation, and most importantly the generous ongoing support from the trainers.

Although this program is developed for those wishing to train as an Image Consultant it is also about developing a business, marketing and selling. I found this a critical aspect of this course and a formula that can be used over again.

~ David Hands

After completing a refresher course with Image Innovators, I can honestly say that I’m more than equipped and confident to assist my clients in reaching their ultimate goals.

Thank you to a fabulous team!

It’s an absolute privilege to be associated with such a prestigious brand! I look forward to working with the best and being one of the best.

~ Chantelle Van Der Linde

If you are considering a career in image consulting, then this is the ONLY course to do.

What a phenomenal & life changing experience!

After 2 weeks of intensive training, I’m equipped to become a successful image consultant.

Kyla Blackwood-Murray & Ronel Le Roux where always ready to offer support & assistance throughout the course. The value they added to this already amazing course, is immeasurable.

Jeanne Theron

It definitely exceeded my expectations.

Being part of an Internationally Accredited Company made it so much more worth it training with Image Innovators South Africa.

Thanks Kyla and Ronel for sharing your passion with me, I am excited to be part of this growing group of ladies in South Africa.

~ Lizel Van Der Westhuizen

I am so proud to be associated with this company! If you are considering a career in image consulting, you cannot go wrong with IISA. For a small monthly fee we receive a host of products, tools, training and mentoring.

Monthly webinars, weekly chats, daily posts and quizzes in the FB group, all geared towards equipping us with more knowledge and tools to become better image consultants.

IISA makes quick work of any queries and product orders, which makes working with them an absolute pleasure.

With Image Innovators you get what you pay for and more!
~ Mariska

My experience with Image Innovators so far has been amazing and a dream in the making. I’ve looked at various Image Consulting Institutions for training and I’ve realised that I’ve made the best decision by choosing IISA.

I really appreciated the warm and hearty welcome I received from both Kyla and Ronel, as well as the rest of the Image Innovators team. Not only was I added to the IISA communications group immediately, but also welcomed and mentioned on the social media platforms making me feel part of the family instantly. Having this kind of exposure from the start and by such a credible institution is of highest value.

~ Anien

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Image Consultant Training Online South Africa
Image Consultant Training Online South Africa
Image Consultant Training Online South Africa

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