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Image Consultant Training Online South Africa
Image Consultant Training Online South Africa
Image Consultant Training Online South Africa

Our 12 day Image Consultant Training course is broken up it into 3 modules.

  1. 6 day Style and Image Management
  2. 5 day Multi-Racial Advanced Colour Analysis
  3. 1 day business Building Course

The following information is an outline to the topics covered in our training and the supporting material you will receive:

Module 1

Style and Image Management

6 Days

  • History, Perception and Development of Image and the Image Industry.
  • Female Body Proportion: Assessment, Criteria, Recommendation Formation.
  • Line and Design: Elements and Principles of Design.
  • Female Face Shapes.
  • Male Body Proportion: Assessment, Criteria, Recommendation Formation Fundamentals of Male Attire.
  • Fundamentals of Female Attire.
  • Personal Style Expression.
  • Basic Professional Image: Dress, Grooming, Body language, Etiquette, Voice.
  • Wardrobe Organisation and Audit with an authentic in-home visit
  • Personal Shopping complete with a Live Personal Shopping Experience.
  • How to run Consultations and Public Seminars.
  • Post-Course Assignments and Mentoring

Module 2

Multi-Racial Advanced Colour Analysis

5 Days

  • Colour Analysis
  • Basic Colour Theory
  • Basics of Temperature, Intensity, and Value
  • Personal Base Colour Direction Analysis
  • Secondary Colour Direction Analysis
  • Caucasian, Asian and African Analysis
  • Differences Between Male and Female Analysis
  • 2 Afternoons of Hands-on Colour Analysis Using Volunteer Models
  • Colour Personality
  • Colour Confidence: Bending the Rules, Colour, and Style, Coordination Strategies
  • The Role of Colour in the Business World
  • Psychology of Colour
  • Makeover Possibilities
  • Seminars and Consultations
  • Role Play of Full Consultation

Module 3

Business and Marketing Management

1 Day

  • Mental Assets, Self-Belief and Attitude
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Vision and Skill Enhancement
  • Recognising and Eliminating weak spots
  • Business Practicalities
  • Goal Setting for your Image Business
  • Discovering Your Target Markets
  • Marketing
  • Choosing a Business Name
  • Setting up your Website
  • Setting up Your Studio
  • Stock Requirements
  • Business Cards
  • Writing a Profile
  • Finding and Attracting Clients
  • Organizing, Promoting and Facilitating Seminars and Presentations
  • Professional Associations to join
  • Finding Mentors, Promoters, and Supporters
  • Creating an Action Plan for your Image Business
Materials Included
Contain in excess of R20 000 worth of resources:


  • A comprehensive 300-page full-
  • colour training manual.
  • Client measurement equipment.
  • One-year Image Innovators merchant membership valued at R3600
  • One male and one female Style kit.
  • A client ‘Style Determination Register’.
  • Private password protected consultant dashboard including a user manual.
  • 3 full-colour image manuals authored by Ann Reinten.
  • Various hand-outs and learning tools.
  • Notebook and pen.
  • Image innovators bag to carry your training materials home in.
  • 12 months mentoring and access to Image Innovators webinars.
  • Tea, Coffee and Light refreshments

R 20 250

Materials Included
Contain in excess of R15 000 worth of resources:


  • 1 full-colour 250-page training manual
  • 1 set of specially dyed colour drapes in red zippered bag
  • Client colour determination register
  • 1 set of female swatches (12 in total, 1 for each directional colour group)
  • 1 printed client colour manual (online access to all 12 individual colour manuals)
  • 1 male swatch
  • 1 printed male colour manual (online access to all 12 individual colour manuals)
  • 1 eye and hair colour determination swatch
  • 1 set of colour determination cards
  • 1 colour continuum set
  • 1 client colour selection set
  • 2 ‘At a Glance’ laminated colour analysis sheets
  • 12 months mentoring and access to Image Innovators webinars

R 18 250

Materials Included
Contain in excess of R5 000 worth of resources:


  • Full colour 130-page business-building manual
  • Marketing materials and ideas
  • Follow-up webinars
  • 12 months mentoring for students who complete modules 1 & 2

R 4 500*

*Free if following on directly from modules 1 & 2.

A 50% non-refundable, transferable deposit will secure your spot.

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Please note that these courses of training are all approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification, earned through the trainer upon completion of these courses, is entirely independent from AICI’s professional certification programs. If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website