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Fashion Styling is a creative programme in which mental imagery, inventiveness, aesthetic sensibility and culture are perfected so as to converge and shape a professional in fashion images and visuals.

From working with celebrity clients to styling models for photo shoots, a career in fashion styling provides exciting opportunities to share your passion for style with a variety of interesting people.

There are many different arenas in which fashion stylists use their talents, from music videos to advertisements to TV shows and movies.
They may also work with designers or public relations experts.

Good fashion stylists know how to accentuate the positive attributes of the people they dress. Choosing the right outfit and accessories to flatter someone—in a way that is appropriate for each event—is an art.

Fashion styling requires extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and a knack for matching your clients with clothing that will support the image they want to project.

Our 3-Day Course

This immersive course combines the theory of fashion styling with practical, real life exercises that will give you the confidence to pursue styling as a career option, freelance undertaking or extension of your Image Consultant Training.

It will give you an understanding of the job of a fashion stylist and provide helpful tips and guidelines for finding and producing styling work. We will explore the various areas that styling is used in within fashion industry and associated industries such as photography and the film industry.

If you want a stronger foundation for becoming a stylist in South Africa as well as inspiring, interactive projects that take you out into the public to explore and develop your eye, then this is the course for you.

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Day 3


This workshop is suitable for individuals wishing to develop an expertise in Fashion and Wardrobe Styling. The course will cover fashion styling theory, learning how to create mood boards, styling on location and in studio by styling your own model for your assigned theme, learning how to source for clothing and finally creating a look book for an SA designer brand.

Some of the topics covered:

– Introduction to Fashion Styling
– Colour vs Black and white photography
– Colour combinations
– Skin tones
– Silhouettes
– Types of stylists
– Categories of styling
– Preparation for shoots
– Sourcing and hiring garments
– Your kit
– Creating moodboards
– On Set Styling
– The Business of being a Stylist

R 8 750

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Please note that these courses of training are all approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification, earned through the trainer upon completion of these courses, is entirely independent from AICI’s professional certification programs. If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website